Jean-Luc Fievet Photography | Exhibits
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Fine Art Exhibitions

November 18, 2016 – March 18, 2017 Paris, France

The series “full face” has its roots in the late-1980s. With Jean-Luc’s growing interest in portraiture, a real search begins. He searches, questions and eventually finds what interests him in this genre: getting close to his subject both literally and figuratively. Over time, the series takes more and more shape. During a visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Jean-Luc FiĆ©vet is fascinated by the portrait of Coco Chanel by Richard Avedon. He remembers that everything is allowed: you have to get closer and closer. In 2005, during a visit to Chartres, he played with his father’s camera and began to take pictures. From close, Jean Luc gets closer. Jean-Luc is more and more invasive with the proximity of the lens, while his subjects remain comfortable. He captures their souls by allowing them to reveal what they want. Some give a lot, others what they can.